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Monday Motivation

Good morning Dearies,

So many of us go throughout our days so focused on our loved ones and making sure that they are taken care of, that we often forget to care for ourselves. One thing I learned when I become a mother, was that if I don’t take care of myself physically and mentally, there would be no way for me to properly care for my son, or my husband. If we are not well, we cannot give our all to the ones who matter the most to us. 

As this quote states, it is not selfish to self-care. Caring for ourselves shows strength and self love. It shows people we care about ourselves and that’s incredibly important. Let your kids, your spouse, your siblings, your friends, see what it means to be mentally and physically healthy. Even if you don’t feel it, the act of trying is just as important and leaves an impression on people. 

So please take care of yourselves and love yourselves. Take some time out of your busy days to make sure that you are doing okay. 

Jen, xo

“She picked up the pieces of her life & created something beautiful. From that day forth, she shone like the sun & changed the definition of broken.” -Unknown

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