Motivational Monday

What I pray for on a daily basis is for God to grant me inner peace. Inner peace is difficult to find when suffering with anxiety. The many thoughts, memories, feelings and worries that run through me, leave me exhausted and on edge. 

What I am learning in therapy and through meditation, is to try and find a way I can have these thoughts run through my mind, for shorter periods of time and not let it effect me. The main thing is to not force thoughts away. If you try and not think of something, of course we will think of it. But I’ve learned that being accepting of my thoughts and then kindly pushing them aside works best.

In therapy, I’m told to try an think of some place or person that makes me happy, in great detail. By doing so, whenever a negative thought enters my mind, I will automatically be taken to my happy positive, thought instead. By meditating, I’m learning that if negative thoughts or recurring thoughts enter my mind, to accept them, then say “thank you, and goodbye”. By saying this I am accepting the thought. I am letting it roam around my head, feeling the emotions it brings, then I’m releasing it so I can move on to other more better thoughts. Another mantra I repeat is “today, I choose peace over anxiety”. This allows me to choose at that moment, what I want to feel.

In order for us to find our inner peace, we have to learn how to control our thoughts, especially those that make us anxious. Once we can calm our emotions and push aside the negative, we then may be able to find the inner peace we always long for.

Jen xo

“She picked up the pieces of her life & created something beautiful. From that day forth, she shone like the sun & changed the definition of broken.” -Unknown


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  1. Isn’t it funny that our mind, that we value above all else, is so tiny that it can focus on only one detailed emotion at a time? Although it works out great when we are having trouble keeping it in check. Mindfulness is like showing a candy to a bawling toddler, and thank heavens it works! 🙂

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