Monday Motivation

Despite the many negative feelings we may have on a daily basis, we all have good in us. We may not feel we are worthy or have much to offer, but I’m sure the people around us would think differently. So I think it’s a great idea to think of one positive thing about yourself, at least once a week, or once a night. This can teach you how great you truly are! Give it a try.

My positive thought this week will be “I am a loving person”. I know I sometimes I love too much and try too hard, and it can be misconstrued. However, I have to remind myself that my being loving allows me to feel good. It allows me to make strong connections with people, such as family and friends, who are open enough to accept my love. 

So yes, I am a loving person! I will show anyone love and kindness. If people see it as a weakness or see it as annoying, so be it. I’m learning that I cannot control other people’s thoughts or feelings about me. Only God and I know my true heart. So look within yourself and think about all the good you have inside. Hopefully slowly, but surely you will start to feel better and more confidant ❤️

Love & Peace of Mind
Jen xo


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