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Should We be Accepting of our Emotions?

anxiety disorder

So many times during my bouts of anxiety, which is often, I know that there is no reason to be worried or thinking about what I am. However, It is so difficult to stop the thoughts and emotions on the spot. It can be incredibly frustrating because many times I understand the irrationality of my thoughts and feelings, but I continue to think and worry and there is no stopping it.

What I’ve learned in therapy and researching videos, is not to stop the emotion. I’ve learned that riding out the feelings and emotions is a lot more beneficial, then trying to stop it all together. Getting frustrated and trying to stop thinking about a specific thing, can make someone with anxiety disorder, even more anxious. Become accepting of the feelings you go through. Allow them to run through you and then release them ever so slowly, until you start to feel better.

I for one, understand how frustrating it can be to try to force myself to stop thinking about “nonsense” and to stop creating things in my mind. The more I become frustrated, I become more upset and that leads to me becoming more anxious. So when things enter my mind, and I begin to feel my hands tremble and my heart palpatate, I take a moment, close my eyes, inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. I then repeat to myself “Thank you and goodbye”.  I accept the thoughts running through my mind, then I release them. If I am at the point of being extremely anxious, I repeat my favorite mantra: “Today, I choose peace over anxiety”. I repeat it over and over, while doing my breathing technique. It may take a little while, but it ends up helping me.

So my piece of advice for people dealing with anxiety disorder, is try being accepting. Know that there is really no way for you to just stop thinking of something. There is no quick fix to stop the emotions brought on by obsessive thinking or specific worries. Be accepting of these thoughts and emotions. Once you let them roam around your mind and body, try and release them. Learn some breathing techniques and try finding a mantra that works for you. Remember that we are all different and there is no reason to be angry with yourself. Love yourself and find what works for you.

Jen xo

4 thoughts on “Should We be Accepting of our Emotions?”

  1. Thanks for writing this. We all need reminders from time to time and your post came at a perfect time 🙂 This is one of the first lessons i learned in dealing with anxiety but still cannot put it into practice.. i get overwhelmed by the need to control the thoughts or cut it out at its root but it never really works…


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