Interpretations of Poetry

So earlier I posted a poem I wrote last night. It was inspired by my sleeping issues lately. My friend read the poem and said it sounds dark. I don’t think it’s dark at all though. I feel I was able to portray the array of emotions and/or constant thinking that takes over my mind when I have anxiety, until my body becomes so exhausted from the thoughts, the tossing and turning, that I end up finally, falling asleep. I wasn’t in a dark place at all. I was just really exhausted and wanting to sleep.

But that’s the thing about poetry. It allows people to feel differently. It can be interpreted differently by anyone who reads it. Poetry is truly an art, because of all the thoughts and emotions that can be picked up by any given person. Maybe  at times there are some dark parts of me that seep through into my writing. Other times its exhaustion, or worry, excitement or happiness. Whatever the case, I release what I’m feeling. I released the thoughts and that allows me to feel more at ease and many times helps me sleep better.

There are many times I can write a poem that is interpreted as sad or depressed, and it’s from emotions I’ve once felt, not that I’m feeling at this very moment. I can write a poem on emotions that a loved one has been feeling, or how I am interpreting their emotional state. Art doesn’t always have to pertain to our own personal thoughts or experiences, but of the emotions picked up from the world around us!

So whomever reads my poems and feels darkness or are worried, please don’t be. It comes from a place of thoughtfulness and many times from exhaustion. It comes from deep within, from years of wonderment and feelings; From my surrounds and ideas. It comes from trying to understand my self and my state of mind. It comes from everywhere. I may be tired of the anxiety and of the constant nagging thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis, but I am not down and out. I am just sharing and releasing, so I can continue to function and be happy :).

Jen xo

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Jung


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