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On Anxious Days, Just Smile…

Today I woke up with my heart racing and I just thought “great, more anxiety 🙄. But despite the feeling, I got up, got dressed, and my family and I left to come to the beach. The drive was great. My sis and I sang our hearts out and laughed and smiled. Now at the beach, it’s been so great. The sun is shining, nice breeze and the water feels pretty warm! I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my husband and enjoying watching my son play with my neice and nephew. It’s turned out to be a beautiful day and even though my mind wonders from time to time with suddenly quick heart beats, I’m staying level headed and keeping the smile on my face. I refuse to let nonexistent problems ruin my mood or my family time. So in the face of this anxiety, I choose to keep smiling and keep enjoying my day ☺️✌🏼️.

Jen xo

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