Writing Blog Challenge: Day 1

I got this challenge over at You’re Not Alone in This World, please go check out her page! I thought it was pretty cool, so I took a go at it! 

20 Random facts about myself:

  1. Im scared of live shrimp and anything else with a bunch of creepy little legs! 😭
  2. I get high anxiety when having to host an event or dinner party at my place.
  3. Studying to be a social worker.
  4. My heart pounds crazy hard every time I participate in class.
  5. I really enjoy painting now, since taking classes with my sis Tina.
  6. I haven’t gotten a pedicure in over 2 years! lol just take care of my own tosies.
  7. I think I may have arthritis in my big toe 😕. It hurts so bad! (Dr. Appointment next week).
  8. Got my license at the age of 30, after trying for a while!
  9. Driving calms me if I’m upset.
  10. I love the beach but hate the sand!
  11. I prefer lifting weights over taking a Zumba class. I’m too uncoordinated! 
  12. I love love love Charleston Chews (chocolate covered marshmallows).
  13. Been with my husband for 27 years. We were HS sweethearts ❤️.
  14. I still speak with and hang with elementary and MS friends ☺️.
  15. People always ask when I’m having another baby, not realizing that we’ve been trying for over 2 years 😕 (when God decides it’s time, I know it’ll happen).
  16. I’m terrified to have a baby girl, but am starting to warm up to the idea lol.
  17. If I make a mistake I’m incredibly hard on myself and push away from whomever I accidentally hurt. I feel they won’t want anything to do with me (but it’s my anxiety making me think that way).
  18. I love love love eating coquitos! Cherry and coco are my fave flavors 😋.
  19. My favorite holidays are thanksgiving because of all the food and Fourth of July because of the fireworks.
  20. I don’t ever want to be rich, just live happily and comfortably ☺️.



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