Living with High Functioning Anxiety

I opened my email from “The Mighty” to find a wonderful article about High Functioning Anxiety and it’s as if she looked into my soul and felt everything I feel on a day to day basis. High functioning anxiety is very real. I just thank God is hasn’t consumed all of me and I’m able to still succeed in certain parts of my life. It may not always feel this way, but deep down I know the truth.

Even when I procrastinate with certain projects because I feel too overwhelmed by feelings of “not being good enough or not ready enough”, I still get it done, even if it takes me a little longer then most. It takes a lot of self-meditation and telling myself “I can do this!” to be able to get things done. Whatever it takes for you to succeed, do it. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you! Always remember, you’re still here. You’re still living, so you’re doing something right.❤️

Jen xo


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