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Going through my phone’s contacts, I accidentally came across your name and number.

I can no longer try to call or text, you, because you are no longer with us. 

God, the sadness I now feel is palpable. 

When will things feel right again? 

When will the tears subside? 

When will I be able to smile when I remember you, instead of crying?



2 thoughts on “When?”

  1. Girl, this is making me cry. I am in the same situation. A good family friend and former parish priest committed suicide after being accused of stuff he didn’t do and I have his numbers and texts. In fact, last week I made a draft of a text message that says I wish you were here reminiscent of Vanilla Twilight or Metropolis songs from Owl City. However, his death made me realized that all the things that no matter happens, this is not the end and life goes on no matter what.

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    1. It was a difficult time losing one of my step fathers…I eventually deleted his phone number from my phone because it was difficult to see. I’m at peace now because I know he is no longer in pain. I am so sorry for your loss. With pain from these personal loses, life does go on, like you said. We can only try our best to make the best of this life given to us.

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