Be The Type of Love You Deserve

I found this quote on Twitter yesterday and it resonated with me deeply. So many times we live our lives trying and hoping to be loved by other people, to somehow prove to ourselves that we are worthy. Instead of trying to be loved by others, or even liked, we should learn to love ourselves unconditionally. It is only when we truly love and respect ourselves, that everyone else around us can see how it should be done. It will allow them to know how we expect to be respected. It will allow them to see our true selves and love us the proper way.

If we do not love or respect ourselves, how can other people? So many times we take the disrespect, the half assed love or even abuse, simply because we don’t yet know how it is we should be treated. Maybe we don’t feel worthy of love and respect. Maybe we feel people will judge us if we demand a certain type of affection and attention. This is ok though. Now that I’m 33, I realize how important it is to get treated properly. It’s so important for me to voice my opinions. Even if my voice shakes, I need people to understand what it is that bothers me and what it is I want and expect. Does this mean I’ll get it? No, not always. Some people may not be willing or even able to love me or respect me the way I demand. Maybe they don’t even like me. And although that hurts, especially for me, because I feel hurt and anxious when people dislike me, I have to be accepting and move on, so that the right people can come into my life and love me the way I should love myself…unconditionally, with no ulterior motives. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be treated well by everyone, but I feel that it’s our job to distance ourselves from those people. It can only hinder us and bring us down. We shouldn’t try so hard to be loved. We shouldn’t have to try so hard to prove ourselves and our worth. We need to love ourselves the way we deserve and in that way, it will show everyone else how it should be done.



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  1. Reblogged this on Loving Me, Too and commented:
    So many excellent points on Jen’s post! I think it’s normal to feel a little anxious or hurt when someone dislikes us. We’re designed to be in community, but we need to make sure it’s a loving, caring community, even if it’s a small community, even if it’s just me and my dogs which it sometimes felt like 10 years ago. Quality is way more important than quantity when it comes to relationships.


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