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When Anxiety Creeps Up…

Today was a pretty good day. Took my son to baseball then went to the salon with my sis and cut my hair. I was doing just fine and happy. An hour later, I started to feel flushed, cranky and heart was pounding quicker then earlier. I tried my best to ignore it but it’s so difficult. So now I’m here in the car, headed to my dad’s, and I’m feeling hot and flushed. I feel like I want to cry. I hate when my anxiety just creeps up and takes over. God I’m praying it settles down and I can enjoy the rest of my day…


9 thoughts on “When Anxiety Creeps Up…”

  1. Hey Jen! I was wondering if some time I could talk to you about the side effect you experienced with taking Zoloft. I feel that I might be slurring at times because of it. If it’s all possible, I’d love to email you sometime so we can talk about it, if not, let me know if we can talk on here about it. Thanks!

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