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Thanks to You’re Not Alone in This World for nominating everyone with a mental health illness/issue to participate in this amazing tag!

  1. What mental illness do you have? I suffer from Anxiety and use to suffer from depression.
  2. When were you diagnosed? I’ve always known i’ve had anxiety, but it was about 3 years ago that I finally opened up to my doctor. I was having so much anxiety, it was effecting my sleep, my memory and I was constantly crying and shaking.
  3. Who knows about it? My close family, friends and doctors know I have anxiety, as well as all of the wonderful bloggers I follow and who follow me on wordpress.
  4. Do you receive treatment for it? I go to therapy once a week. When I first went to my doctor 2 years back, he put me on zoloft 10mg. After four months I made him take me off of them, and told him I prefer therapy. The medicine gave me horrible insomnia, memory loss and i slurred my speech a lot. I preferred to seek therapy so I could learn to deal and cope with life, instead of being under medication. Now this doesn’t mean I am against anyone being on medication if they need it. But we all know our bodies and minds and understand what works best for us.
  5. Has your mental illness stopped you from doing anything? Definitely! Back in HS and college, I would not go to parties and outings because I was terrified of being judged or not knowing anyone at the parties. It’s stopped me from trying out some really cool dance classes and meeting new people.
  6. Is there anything in particular that has helped you? Having my son has helped me tremendously! When I became a mother I realized that my fears and anxieties of the world could effect my son in a negative way. I then began taking him to parks alone and meetings new moms. Even when the moms weren’t open to me (I look very young for my age), I just ignored them and reminded myself I was there for him and not me. Through that I did end up meeting some other very nice moms and nannies. I would start taking him to play dates, library classes. Just having to speak up for the well being of my son was beneficial. Then I started therapy and it allowed me to learn so much about myself and how I am worthy of love and respect and I do have a voice. Since then, I started volunteering at a homeless shelter (I was so scared to do that before), I signed up for dance classes in my township (it’s a blast!) and I meet up with a friend or two at least 2x a month!
  7. Can you describe what it feels like to have your mental illness? Anxiety is constantly being scared of the worse possible outcome you could think of! My heart will just start pounding hard, I’ll shake and feel really scared and nervous. I get this feeling almost every single day. Some days it’s not so bad bc it will also for a couple minutes. Some days though it lasts all day long. I live and fight through it on a daily basis bc I have a life to live. I have a son to care for, take to school and his sports and a husband to care for as well. Anxiety has a way of spinning the truth around. My head tells me i’m over reacting. People do love and care for me. People are not starring at me or talking about me. But my anxiety laughs and says “YOU’RE WRONG!”
  8. What is a common misconception about your mental health issue? Some people may think that having anxiety is just me being “shy” or “nervous”. They don’t understand that I can feel an impending doom inside when I’m forced to do or say something. We have to do things at our own pace. We cannot be forced or rushed because it makes the anxiety and fear even worse. We are not “lazy”. Having anxiety i’ve learned how much of a procrastinator I am, because I’m so nervous about doing something. Will I get it done? yes! Just not when you expect me to.
  9. What do you find the most difficult to deal with? It’s most difficult for me to enter a huge crowded room and to public speak. I feel people are looking/starring or judging me. When I have to do class presentations, I get nauseous and shake a lot and feel so, so scared. I do get through it though! At my own pace and time.
  10. Do you have anything else you’d like to say? Please be understanding to someone who suffers from a mental illness/issue. We cannot always control how we act, what we say or when we do things. We are dealing with fear, every single day. Sometimes for a couple minutes, sometimes for the entire day. Be patient with us. Listen to us and try not to tell us what we “need” to do. Don’t tell us to “get over it”. Don’t tell us “oh, you’ll be fine!”. Pay attention and realize that it may not seem this way to as right away. We just need an ear to listen :).

I nominate: 

Any person who has a mental health “issue”. If you do participate, please comment and let me know!! I’d love to read your answers! 


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  1. You provide some great answers! I love that you mention the importance of patience.

    Also, it’s interesting how you mentioned that on 10mg of Zoloft, you were slurring your speech. I’m on 65 mg now and have noticed that sometimes after talking a lot or using my hands a lot, they feel out of control or I get slurry. I’ve mentioned it to both my therapist and psychiatrist and they’ve made it like it can’t be from the medication. I do wonder though if they’re wrong.

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    1. Thanks Hun :). Yes it was pretty bad for me. I would slur and lose my train of thought. It stopped after a few months of being weened off the Zoloft. You know yourself better than any dr. I dont care what they say lol. I’m sure it could be your medicine doing that to you. Maybe it’s triggered by how you’re feeling and when. Who knows.

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