Late Night With My Little Man

Late night with my little man. He’s been suffering from bad allergies, and because of that it’s effecting his asthma. He’s been coughing non stop for hours. I know it’s exhausting for him, as well as for my husband and I, who are constantly getting up to try and help him feel better. I just got him up a little while ago, to give him a nebulizer treatment. I’m happy to say, his cough isn’t as hard and he’s smiling and talking happily. I hate when he doesn’t feel well. And it’s mostly at night! During the day he is fine, his allergies are calm. But at night the coughing fits begin. Hopefully that ends soon. 

I love my little man. I’m just glad he’s feeling better. We’ll see how he’s doing in the morning and if he’s good to go to school. I know we’ll all be exhausted in a couple hours, but as long as he’s better and happy, then I’m happy. 



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