The Thing About Mantras

This is a great post! I’ve recently started to meditate and there is a mantra I repeat daily to try and help myself calm down. My mantra is “today, at this moment, I choose peace over anxiety”. At times it does help me to put things in perspectives, and other times it doesn’t help, mainly because my anxiety is so high, it doesn’t allow me to fully understand and believe my mantra. So I really like this post from BG over at Getting Through Anxiety.

Getting Through Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety or another mental health issue, you’ve probably heard this advice before: come up with a mantra. I don’t think it’s bad advice, I don’t, but I don’t think that everyone understands that saying a mantra doesn’t magically make things better. No, saying a mantra isn’t enough. You have to believe it!

I’ve heard my therapist say this before, but he said it again yesterday and so I thought I’d write about it. There are a lot of important steps that one should take in order to get through their anxiety, and often times, people suggest having a mantra to say to yourself when you become anxious. Mantras have the power to make you realize how strong you are and to push you to do your best.

The problem is though, that sometimes, anxiety and other mental health issues make it hard for us to believe that we…

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