Is Peace Better than Being Right?

Not every battle is worth fighting. 

Not every situation deserves to be spoken about or stressed over.

We know ourselves better than anyone else and we know when it’s best to stay shut and let things be.

Does that make us weak? No! It makes us smart. Makes us mature. It shows just how much we appreciate ourselves and our mental health. 

Nothing is worth ruining our inner peace. It may be difficult many times, but I’m sure most of us strive to have and feel calm and happy every day. 

This is why my new mantra is “Today, in this moment, I choose peace over anxiety”. I look forward to the day I can feel completely at peace. Until then, I will remind myself by repeating this mantra and will make a conscious effort to apply it to my life.

Let’s try not to sweat the small stuff! 

-Jen xo


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