What is Happiness?


The reason it can be difficult to feel completely happy throughout our days, is because it’s difficult to accept ourselves, flaws and all. I know for me, I’m very critical of myself and when my anxiety takes over, I think about 101 reasons why a person may not like me or 101 things I have done wrong. This is not the way we should be thinking. I for one know I’m too hard on myself. It’s difficult to stop worrying and thinking, when anxiety takes hold of us. However, we have to try our best to push aside the negative thoughts and accept our quirks! Regretting things of the past, will not help us to move forward in peace. Worrying about the present or the future, will not allow us to enjoy the little things in life. Judging ourselves and others, will only fill us with distain and ill feelings. Try to let go of all the bad, so that good can take over.

Now, I’m not saying that feeling upset, sad or down is a bad thing. We all have a right to feel these emotions. What’s not good is when we allow them to take over us completely. If you’re upset about something, or hurt by someone, then by all means, allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, while also preparing yourself to let go of them. Do not wallow in the negative feelings for too long. Let them go after a couple hours or a day. If you allow yourself to feel anger and pain for too long, it will be difficult to come back from it. You have to allow yourself to feel and move on. By moving on, you’re letting yourself go through different stages and I’m pretty sure once you’re at the relaxed and content state, you won’t want to go back to the negative emotion anymore…

None of this is easy, I can tell you that for a fact, but teaching yourself to think positive thoughts when you’re feeling down, or complimenting yourself when you feel a certain distain towards yourself, can be very beneficial. Open up your heart to yourself! Love yourself! Allow happiness to enter your life. This is something I strive for on a daily basis. With prayer, meditation and a good support system, you will find that some days are just really easy to feel happy. Hold on to those feelings, because it will be a good memory to have, when you’re having a pretty bad day…


Jen xo


7 thoughts on “What is Happiness?

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  1. Thanks for writing such a great post! I can definitely relate! Sometimes it can be so hard for me to let go of the memories of the times when I got anxious. Sometimes holding on to those memories and focusing on them too much makes the anxiety repeat itself over and over again. We need to start realizing that just because we have a bad moment or day does not mean that we can’t or won’t do better next time!

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