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Painting: A New Hobby?

Hey Dearies!

A couple weeks back, my sis and I decided to go back to a painting class, to destress and have a sister date. We really enjoyed the first time we went back in November, for my birthday. This time, we went to a different location and were really excited because we were going to paint Elephants. We LOVE elephants!


When we got there, it was a different lay out then the first paint studio we had been to. Everyone seemed nice and friendly. It was a relaxed environment. We took out seats and saw the painting we were suppose to create. I felt a bit anxious because I had no idea how I was going to created these two elephants from scratch! Not knowing the outcome of something makes me extremely anxious. However, I reminded myself I was there to enjoy my self and spend time with my sister. So I took it once step at a time.

What I find the most relaxing, is making the skies and backdrops! The back and forth motion of the brush on the canvas *swish swish*, is one of my favorite parts. Once we go into the more intricate stuff, I get a bit more anxious, constantly exhaling loudly and getting nervous that i’m going to mess it up. My sis told me to relax as she laughed at me lol. Once I started to see the painting take shape, it was exciting! I couldn’t believe I was painting elephants!

My sis and I were really enjoying ourselves and we were immersed in our paintings. My sis is more of a perfectionist then I am, but I also found myself constantly going in to fix things I didn’t like. I also called the teacher over twice, and watching her fix certain areas for me helped me to see how to do it on my own.

After 2 1/2 hours, we were done! I felt like I created a masterpiece! I was so proud of myself. After our class, we decided this is something we’d like to do every two months together. We plan on creating a lot of paintings to decorate our walls at home. We also spoke about buying canvases and paints to try and do paintings on our own! We’ll see how that goes. My sis is more creative with paints then I am. I’m more creative with my words and photography. BUT! I don’t mind trying it out!

IMG_3014Here is my finished painting! It represents my son and I. I will love him for eternity <3.

Do any of you enjoy painting, or would like to try it? I really think i’ve found a new hobby. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing i’ve created something :).

-Jen xo

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