UN Secretary General Lecture… A Good Day!

Hi Dearies!

I have written much, because my husband, son and I have been pretty sick. We are much better and I figured why not fill you all in on my exciting day 2 weeks ago.

So for my Anthropology & Human Rights class, our professor informed us that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, would be at our school giving a lecture. For extra credit, we could ask him a question and we can attend the lecture. I didn’t know much about him, so I did my research and came up with a good question about women’s rights. Here is the question I asked:

“It has been said that once your term is up this year, it would be a great idea to have a woman be the next UN Secretary General, so women around the world can have a voice. What are your thoughts on how we can give women a voice around the world? How can we ensure that women’s rights can be exercised, without fear of repercussions?”

My teacher was very impressed with the question and she said she would make sure the president of our school would put it at the top of the list. So that was pretty cool!

I thought some extra credit would be great, so I decided to attend the lecture, alone. I was excited to try something new but also anxious because I’ve never been to a lecture and wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up arriving on time, text my professor that I was there and she was excited. 

I took my seat, feeling happy and excited that I was doing something new, on my own. I leigened to the lecture, which was interesting. I learned a lot. Once the Q & A portion began, my professor started to read the questions and mine was the first one read! Yay! UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon answered the question well in my opinion. 

After the lecture, I attended the reception. I sat at a table, surrounded by people I didn’t know and felt ecstatic 😄. I was in a great mood.

I went up and got food from the buffet laid out for everyone. I couldn’t find my professor anywhere, so after eating I headed towards my car to head home, because my son was home with a fever, with my husband. My teacher text me saying she was looking for me so I could be interviewed for Channel 12 Bronx news! Darn! I said I was already in the car and she said no problem.

It felt great receiving recognition and doing this on my own! It was a great day ☺️.

Jen xo



2 thoughts on “UN Secretary General Lecture… A Good Day!

  1. That’s awesome Jen! What a great feeling, first to attend the lecture and reception, and also to have your question read. Glad it went well for you! Also glad you’re all feeling better! Take care, Jenny

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