Articulating Your Emotions

I’m sure that many of you out there who suffer from any type of mental illness/issue have felt this way. 

Me, suffering from anxiety, have had many difficulties explaining what goes on in my head, heart or body when I’m experiencing anxiety. I’ve also noticed that it’s been difficult for my family and friends to truly understand what I go through on a daily basis. Not being able to express what is going on inside your head, can be extremely frustrating.

Over the years I’ve learned from many therapy sessions how to articulate what I am feeling and why. My current therapist recently told me that she realizes the moment I articulate my feelings about something, I am able to overcome my anxiety that is attached to a particular issue/emotion/problem. That was a great realization. I did this when I was really anxious about jury duty. 

The moment I received the summons in the mail, I became anxious and thought about it day and night. In therapy I was asked what made me nervous. It turned out I was nervous of the “unknown”. I had never done Jury Duty so I wasn’t sure of the steps it takes to be on a jury. My therapist walked me through the steps, as I asked my questions. Some questions she did not answer and had me research myself. From there I realized another fear I had was having to be a juror on a case and possibly find someone guilty. I did not like the thought of someone’s life in my hands. She then explained to me that at any point in the process of jury duty, I could explain I had anxiety and they could excuse me. That helped a bit.

The day Jury duty came, I was nervous but not as I had been for the 2 months leading up to it. I was called into the first rotation of jurors and when asked if there was any reason we couldn’t not perform our jury duty, I went up and explained I had a son and was unsure how the scheduling would work, but to my surprise I never brought up my anxiety. I guess I felt strong enough to go through with it, if I was chosen. Thankfully I was not chosen! *huge sigh of relief* and I was so proud of myself for having kept my composure.

Since learning to look deep within and articulate my feelings, I’ve found it easier to speak to my husband and explain what is going on inside of me. He may be surprised and not understand why I feel that way, sometimes about something so minute, but he is glad he can know what I’m feeling and we then speak about what can help me, if I can be helped. Being able to open up more freely is such a blessing. Speaking to my husband, or parent or a sibling, is extremely helpful and it does help to ease the mind and soul.

So my advice to you is look deep within yourself and really ask yourself “why is this upsetting me? Why is this making me feel anxious?” Don’t be embarrassed to come to a realization. The moment you can express it and articulate it, that’s the moment you can take steps to overcome the anxiety/fear/worry. This can help you to accomplish so many things you thought you couldn’t.

– Jen 


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  1. Articulating my feelings and emotions is definitely one of the hardest things for me to do, but I like to think I’m getting better at it lol
    I enjoyed reading this 🙂

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