Too Sensitive or Emotional?


It is a known fact that I am very sensitive and emotional. At first I would take it as an insult when someone would say ” Oh boy, Jen is so sensitive!” or “I didn’t want to say anything because you tend to cry and get overly emotional”. It bugged me that some people thought this was a reason to not speak to me. So of course I disliked this characteristic!

As I became older and started seeking therapy, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I suffer from anxiety, so I feel everything 2x more then another person would. If your feelings are hurt and you feel bad, double that and you’ll feel like me. You’d feel horrible and like a failure and continue obsessing about how you could have dealt with a situation differently. Emotions are just more intense for people suffering with anxiety. Because of this, I’ve learned how to communicate my emotions and sensitivities more clearly. I don’t always stay quiet now and cry and feel depressed. If something bothers me, I will bring it to a person’s attention, whether it makes me uncomfortable or not. I tell them not to worry about my tears because it’s what happens when I am uncomfortable or my feelings are hurt. Just listen to my words.

When I started communicating more clearly about how I was feeling and why, being called sensitive no longer really bothered me. It’s what makes me, well, me! I feel deeply. I love deeply. I think deeply. There is nothing wrong with being this way. Just learn how to communicate with people that way they can truly understand you and they will then see your strength, because let’s be honest, opening up about how you are feeling and why, can be such a difficult thing to do. You may hurt someones feelings in the process, even though that is not your intention. You are standing up for yourself and letting them into your head and heart. That takes a lot of strength!

So be proud of your sensitivity! Be proud of being emotional. Show people you are not afraid to feel. You are not afraid to leave your heart on your sleeve for all to understand you. Be who you are without any apologies. I know it’s easier said than done, but work on becoming this way and you will not regret it :).

With love,


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  1. This was my case. Still is. I’d keep it all in and then I’d cry when I’m alone and be depressed. But recently, I started to understand what was happening to me. Didn’t have a clue before. I try to speak out. Most times, the tears are drowning my words and people have mixed opinions on why I’m crying. Some laugh, some get angry, few understand but I’m going to keep trying to overcome keeping it in. Cos it only leads to hurt and depression, and then to self hurt/infliction and pain. Like you said, its not easy but its worth it. I’m sorry I rambled on a bit. Its just close to the heart….

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  2. That’s crazy that someone would stop talking to you because you….have a heart and feelings. Since when is that a bad thing? Its the people that keep everything inside that end up struggling later. This was a really good post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks Hun. It’s not that a person stops talking to me, it’s that they decide they cannot speak about intense subjects or bring something to my attention, because tears for some people is seen as a sign of weakness. It really isn’t though.

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  3. Thanks for writing this Jen. I’ve heard too that I can be overly sensitive and I don’t think I was like this until my anxiety hit. You’re right, everything seems 2x worse with anxiety. Plus, when people make rude comments pertaining to our anxiety, it can really hurt. While not everyone may make it like it’s true, being sensitive does make us strong and in many ways, loving, caring, and considerate people! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I’m so glad your sharing these experiences, sometimes I have to remind myself that it is okay to be emotional. I feel like a lot nowadays people are taught to suppress their emotions.


  5. It’s great that when something bothers you, you bring it to someone’s attention. As a sensitive person, I am still learning how to do that! Whenever I do, though, I always feel so much better. Even if I do cry or feel vulnerable when I talk about what’s bothering me, I always feel better than if I’d kept it inside. Thanks for your encouraging post.

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    1. That’s awesome that you are able to open up about how you’re feeling! I agree, if I cry and I’m nervous/anxious/uncomfortable, at the end of the convo, I feel a lot better. It’s bad to keep feelings bottled up inside. We can become sick from that. So good for you! I don’t always speak up when I should because it makes me nervous but whether it be via phone call, text, private face book message or face to face, these conversations need to happen. Especially for our well being. So don’t be hard on yourself. You will continue to grow and become stronger! Thank you for your kind words, xoxo.

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