Jury Duty Nerves

Ok Guys,

Today was the day! I have been here at the court house for jury duty, since 8:30 this morning. You know from a couple of my last posts, that I’ve been very anxious because of this. I’ve never served jury duty and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. 

When speaking with my therapist about it, she walked me through most of the stages and I did feel much better about it. But with each passing day before having to serve, I have been jittery and nervous. 

When I woke up this morning, I went about my business of getting dressed and getting myself out the door to take the bus. I decided it would be best, instead of trying to find parking around the court house. The bus arrived late, but luckily I made it here at 8:35am and the line of jurors was very long! 

After checking in and being given my juror badge, I took a seat in the juror assembly room praying once again for God to keep me calm and to help me get through this day.

Once 9:30 came around, we watched an orientation video and then names were called to go into a courtroom to be picked as a juror. Who’s name was called towards the end? But of course, mine! 😩 I smiled nervously at the lady next to me, as she wished me luck. About 20 of us shuffled towards the elevators to go into the court room.

Once in the courtroom, the judge, who was very nice, spoke to us explaining the case, introducing the defendants and prosecutors. He then went on and asked a series of questions that if anyone of us said Yes to, we would have to walk up and speak to him and the lawyers, to see if we still qualified. I went up and spoke to them not because of my anxiety, surprisingly. But because if I were to be chosen as a juror, it would go into the end of next week. My worry was that I wouldn’t have anyone to take or pick up my son from school. My husband took today and tomorrow off, so that was fine. But next week I wasn’t sure. The judge ever so nicely explained that we can be here for 2 days Or 1 full length trial. So I would have to make other arrangements for my son. He smiled and said he’s glad I brought it to his attention and asked my question. 

After that I sat back down and we all sat waiting to be called into the juror box. None of us wanted to be up there, you can tell by the nervous giggles and sighs of relief when our names weren’t called. My heart stopped pounding when I spoke with the judge, but once the lawyers started excusing jurors and calling other ones, I was nervous again. I prayed not to be called as a juror. I didn’t want to speak in front of these 60 faces! I could see my heart pounding through my shirt and juror tag. Thankfully, they chose all of their jurors after 2 hours and I, along with many other people were excused.

Now I’m sitting here in the juror assembly room awaiting further direction. Just because we were called and excused, doesn’t mean we can leave for the day. We have to remain here in case there is another case for us. Why are they messing with my emotions?! 😩

We were told an hour ago that there are still two cases happening and they are still unsure if they need jurors. Hopefully we get told soon that we can leave for he day and fingers crossed I don’t have to return tomorrow! 

That has been my day in a nutshell! I’m still nervous but so far no anxiety attack and I got through one of the toughest parts already!

– Jen


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