In The Waiting Room

Heads lowered as we walk on passed each other,

Side eye glances with faint embarrassed smiles.

Some of us give simple head nods to acknowledge the comradery between one another,

As we wait in this dark, dated waiting room.

Others though, walk on by without any eye contact or side way glance.

There is no smile or acknowledgment to make us feel as one.

I’ve learned in the last couple of years that the therapists office is not a place to meet new people.

You cannot make new friends here.

The stigma attached to seeking therapy is still a strong one.

We keep to ourselves.

Engrossed in our phones or a good book.

We look around at the art work or stare blankly into space.

We cannot speak.

We cannot make friends.

We cannot let anyone into the tangled webs our our minds that may prove that we are not “alright”. That we need help.

So we sit.

We wait.

Then we walk on passed each other, until we have to do it all again next week.
– Jen


9 thoughts on “In The Waiting Room

  1. This is a profound piece of writing. It is so true. I don’t like the stigma attached with people who go to therapists. Some go for marriage counseling. Others to discuss anxiety or to combat stress. It is a shame that some people want to judge. It is what it is Jen. I would never judge you.

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    1. Thank you. I’m really proud of this poem. Since I started therapy for my anxiety I have noticed how we interact in waiting rooms and have been wanting to put it into words. I’m glad I did. The stigma is incredibly frustrating! Which is why I choose to write about it and let people into my mind and heart. I, along with everyone else, should not have to hide our mental health issues or any other issues we may be going through. It is no longer taboo to speak up.

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