Our Disney Vacation!

Hi guys!

So my son had a blast at Disney! Our first stop was Hollywood Studios. Here are the things we did:

  • Toy Story Ride Game
  • Star Wars Short Film
  • Meeting with Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Watched a Beauty & The Beast Show
  • Met Mike & Sully From Monsters Inc
  • Went to Honey I Shrunk the Kids world
  • Took pictures with Lightning McQueen & Mater
  • Saw the Osborne Light Show
  • Got Tattoos (fake)
  • Bought hats and Mickey ears!

After Hollywood Studios, we used our park hopper and went to Epcot! At Epcot we:

  • Went on a ride that took us back in time, in the Epcot Sphere
  • Met and took pictures with Baymax from Big Hero Six
  • Walked to the area known as China
  • Ate some yummy Chinese food
  • Watched fireworks

A couple of days later, Jan 2nd, on our son’s birthday, we went to Epcot again and met more characters! We didn’t stay long, but while there we:

  • We met Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Minnie Mouse
  • We walked around an art store
  • Got on a Finding Nemo ride
  • Took pictures with Chip & Dale
  • Took pictures with Pluto

After being at Epcot for a bit, we finally went to The Magic Kingdom! My son was SUPER excited to be there. He loves the castle :D.

Here, we took a ton of pics and really enjoyed ourselves.We:

  • Had pictures taken in front of the Castle
  • We watched a show with all of the characters
  • Went on the Dumbo ride
  • Watched the Castle light show
  • Ate ice cream
  • Watched the Electric Parade
  • As you can see, our son had a blast! Disney is the best place to turn 5! Hope you all enjoyed a peek into our vacation! 😀



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