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Instant Mood Booster

Here is another post I found sitting in my Draft folder! I figured I’d share it as a #FlashBackFriday post :D. Enjoy!


Although I’m spending the day at the beach with my son & husband, I was feeling pretty irritable and down. I was trying to shake the feeling but I just felt like crap. First time in a long time I’ve felt depressed. So as I’m trying to feel better, husband suggest we go to the water. We all go into the water, with me worried because the ocean scares me. So I’m grabbing my husbands arm for dear life as waves come crashing by. At one point one wave was too big for comfort! Here is where my instant mood booster kicked in:

Got into ocean, then tried running for my life as a huge wave crashes into me, knocking me down, giving me an instant wedgie and almost taking off my top. I Stand up to hear everyone behind me cheering me on! LOL. As embarrassing as that was, I can’t help but laugh and smile!


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