Friday Fun Day

{For some reason a lot of my posts are staying in my draft folder after I click “Publish”. Not sure why. But here is a post I wrote last Friday!}


This weekend has been so busy for me, I realize I never had a chance to talk about my good day on Friday! It turned out to be very productive and relaxing for me.

First thing on Friday morning, I walked my son to school. Afterwards, I came home, ate, packed my gym bag and headed to the gym to work out my legs. It’s been over month since I’ve done legs, so you can imagine how sore I was after! The soreness lasted an entire week! It’s ok though, it means I did something right! :). Heading to the gym to lift weights is a big deal for me, being that I tend to get anxious working out alone. But I put in my headphones and just went about exercising. Even if I felt a bit uncomfortable, I pushed those feelings aside and knocked it out. To my surprise, I finished in 30 min! That’s pretty quick for me. I’m stronger than I expected lol :).

After the gym, I drove to the Homeless Shelter where I volunteered last winter. I’ve been wanting to go back, but I’ve stopped myself. I get worried about parking (it’s difficult to find), about meeting people I may not know and not knowing for sure who was working that day. I pushed that aside and went. After 45 min, I was able to find parking. I went into the shelter to find Ms. Vicky! She is the cook/manager I always worked with when I volunteered. I was so happy to see her. I said hi and her eyes lit up and we gave each other the biggest hug! It was great knowing she was there, so I instantly relaxed and got to work. After setting out the water pitchers on each table, we got ready to serve lunch. After the opening prayer, everyone lined up and I handed out vegetables and salad. I always get such a gratifying feeling once everyone is fed. I still feel nervous because I’m serving mostly strangers, but the gratification beats that feeling.

After we served everyone and some late comers, who were unable to get steak, because it was all done, I tried my best to scrape up the rest of the vegetables and went and got extra honey buns so they can at least enjoy their dessert :). Once we cleaned up the food and tables, I told Ms. Vicky that I will start coming every Friday to help serve lunch. I’m feeling very good about being consistent again with my volunteer work.

Once I was done with that, I came home to park the car and walked over to pick up my son from school. I let him play for a while in the playground with his friends before leaving. As we were leaving he asked if we could go to our friends house. She said yes, so off we went for an hour and half play date! The kids had a blast and my friend and I got the talking and really enjoyed ourselves. Once 4:45p came around, my son and I left, to go eat pizza, before his karate class.

We sat and enjoyed our pizza together and then walked over to his first class of karate. He was nervous but lit up the moment he saw his classmate! He was happy to have a familiar face in his class. I loved seeing my son learn to punch and kick. He looked really nervous and unsure of himself, but I know he will get the hang of it and enjoy it more. I’m glad he is learning a new sport.

After class, my husband picked us up in the car and we headed home. I was exhausted by the time we got home, but I felt good. I felt accomplished. After putting our son to bed, hubby and I relaxed together for a while, before going to sleep.

I hope every day is as good as that one. It’s wishful thinking I know, but I want to be able to stay out of my mind and just go with the flow of things. After this post, I am going to the gym to work out my back and then take a dip in the jacuzzi to relax. The jacuzzi part has me a bid nervous, but I want to do it! So I shall :).

Enjoy your day everyone!




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