Humorous Wednesday 

Has this ever happened to anyone?! It’s so embarrassing lol. 

Another embarrassing conversation that I’ve endured has been: 


“Good and you?” 😐




28 thoughts on “Humorous Wednesday 

  1. More often than not I find myself feeling guilty after having this conversation:
    Person: How are you?
    Me: I’m great thanks. *forgets to ask how they are because I just want the conversation to end before it has begun. Feels bad for being inconsiderate*

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      1. I get the same when people serving me in shops try to make conversation. The other day the guy said ‘Smile! It might never happen’ and I just think, I’m not sad, I’m just trying to do the shopping! We can’t always appear like we love doing everything.

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      2. That is my biggest pet peeve! I hate when people tell me to smile! Firstly, it’s rude! They don’t know if I’m sick, upset or sad. Most of the time I’m fine I just don’t smile with every stranger I come into co tact with. One guy told me this is why the world is so bad because people don’t smile. I told him give me a break! No woman should have to smile on cue when told to do so. If I am uncomfortable then leave me be lol. If someone wants to start a convo or “flirt” it shouldn’t never be done with the opening line of “smile!”

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      3. Yes! Exactly! I was with my mum at the time just packing the shopping and I hadn’t really responded so he said ‘oh well its just the weekly shop’ implying that its a very boring thing, so of course I won’t be smiling, then he said, ‘You’d probably be happier off buying shoes and handbags instead, that’d make you smile!’ Little does he know that I’m not this stereotypical girl who loves shopping, but he just assumed that. I know people try to be friendly but it’s very rare that I can stand it from strangers.

        When I’m the one serving and a customer makes conversation I have to try and be friendly back, and that can sometimes prove to be a challenge!

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    1. Hi! I’m ok. My head’s been hurting. But I’ve been running around. So tired. Had to run errands today with dad and sis. Then went to pick up my son from school. We got back from Karate class not too long ago. So now i’m unwinding with some wordpress :). How are you? Thanks so much for checking in.

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    1. Oh that’s nice! I need to finish the book I started a couple weeks back. I find it difficult to concentrate bc of how busy I can be in a day. It’s called ‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold.

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