Ballroom Anyone?

Hey all!

Last night was my first Ballroom class that my township is having, for FREE! It lasts for three months. I signed up, in hopes of learning new skills, meeting new people and facing a fear, of well, trying something new! My husband wanted to sign up with me, but it lasts for an hour and a half, so it ends at 9pm. Our son is already asleep by 8pm. It didn’t work out to go together, so alone I go!

I was feeling all kinds of nervous and excited last night. I always get anxious when it comes to doing something new or different. I get worried when I do not know the outcome of a situation. BUT I was also excited, so that kept me motivated to attend.

Before leaving to class, I told Mike (my husband) how I hope to find a much older man to dance with, because I’m sure he’ll have great moves! haha. I also jokingly said this man’s name should be Frank. We laughed about this as I left our apartment. I walked the couple of blocks, trying to contain my nerves and enjoy the solitude until arriving.

Once there, I realized I was the only “young” person there. The men and woman were about 50-70 years old. They were incredibly sweet however. They said they were so happy to see me there and that I will really enjoy myself. I text my friend, telling her to COME to class, because I felt out of place and nervous! lol She signed up for the class as well, but also, can only attend if she has a sitter or if her husband is home. She replied to my text saying she is trying her best to make it.

Class begins at about 7:40pm. We all line up and the instructor starts teaching us steps for an American Tango. After a couple of solos and having the instructors correct my form, I started to get the hang of it. About 10 minutes in, an older man, about 70 years old walks in and everyone shouts happily “Frank!” No lie! haha. I was going to get my wish! I was going to dance with an older man named Frank! 😀

We coupled up and rotated everyone, so we all had a chance to dance with someone. When it was my turn to dance with Frank, he said “hey, I can tell you have great rhythm!” *blush* I said thank you! and we danced the tango a bit, until I had to rotate partners again.

My friend showed up around 8 and it was nice to see a familiar face! She caught up on the tango, and then the second instructor took us aside and taught us the basics to the Cha-Cha, because everyone else learned it last week. I got the hang of that as well. I had a few people tell me how good I was doing and were impressed. It was definitely a mood booster! I smiled the whole time and met great people. I cannot wait to go back every Wednesday, until March! It’s great to have something new to do. It keeps my mind busy and focused at the task at hand. Anyone who suffers from anxiety understands how difficult it is to focus and not get caught up in our own negative thoughts. So i’m very excited for these classes and this outlet.

Till next time!



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  1. Ballroom is such great fun! I really love it and, before it became popular, is when I took classes as well and met my husband. Although, if I were to confess, I did go to school to be an Arthur Murray instructor. 😉 I love to dance and I hope you continue to attend an have a great time!! Maybe you’ll stick with it and take many other types of dancing classes. Enjoy hun.

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    1. I really enjoy it! I would love to continue pursuing it after March, it’s just expensive. With school coming up I won’t be able to afford it. So I will keep an eye out every winter for free classes! 😄


  2. Absolutely loved this story Jen. But wait a minute, you left out the most important detail. You kept us in suspense. How did Frank dance? Ballroom dnacing is a thing of beauty to watch. Good for you. Everyone needs to challenge themselves to try new things. Good for you.

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