Thinking Out Loud: Disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable.

When we expect too much from a certain situation or person, disappointment is bound to happen.

I tend to become disappointed quite frequently, although I know the outcome of a situation, because it has happened time and time again. Yet I never learn. I put all of my happy emotions in a basket, and when something that was inevitably bound to happen, happens, I’m left feeling down.

I should have known better of course, but it seems I always hold out hope that things will change. I guess I figure this will work out because I  am loved. I am cared for. However, despite being loved and cared for, people can still let me down. Is it their fault? Maybe. Is it my fault? Maybe. Maybe I expect too much from people. Maybe I am expecting too much from myself. Maybe I need to stop expecting so much and putting all my happiness into one basket in hopes of a joyous outcome.

I need to learn to be happy with where I am in this world and continue learning from my experiences, whether they be happy, sad, scary, upsetting or disappointing. I need to be comfortable with myself and know my self worth. I need to also realize that just because something doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean people think any less of me. It doesn’t always mean I am not liked, loved or respected. It just means things happen and not everyone can keep their word. And I’m not saying a person doesn’t keep their word because they don’t care, but maybe they have their own things going on in life that prohibits them from really committing. The same goes for when a situation doesn’t turn out well for me. It doesn’t mean I am a failure. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or lazy. Sometimes things are just not meant to be or they require more hard work and attention.

I need to learn to stop taking things so personally, whether a person or situation is disappointing me out of shear maliciousness or coincidence. Everyone has problems. Everyone has issues they need to tend to in life. The same way they try to focus on bettering themselves, I need to continue doing the same.



7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Disappointment

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time Jen. I wish you all the best and please remember what a wonderful person you are!

    I know disappointment can be difficult. Especially if you try to do something and it doesn’t work out or if someone isn’t as kind as you would have hoped. Sometimes all we can do is try our hardest and make sure that we are kind to others.

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    1. Thanks B! Since writing about my disappointment I’ve felt a bit better :). I just have to let go of things I don’t have too much control over. Just takes time and practice. But I agree, we should always treat people with kindness.

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      1. And that’s ok, because we’re only human. There are certain people and situations that are constantly in my mind but it’s making sure that the thoughts don’t get the best of you. My therapist says to try and live in the moment. And that’s very difficult to do. But as long as we keep trying :).

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