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Pure Laughter

Without my knowing, mom was taking pictures of me when we were face timing! This is my favorite:

 When I look at it, it shows pure fun & laughter between daughter & mother…
Who would have thought that so many years later, after so many tears and frustrations, that we would still be able to call each other and just really enjoy one another. 

This just goes to show that leaving the past in the past is a good thing. Live, love, laugh and most importantly be forgiving. If for no other reason, do it for your own peace of mind and heart ❤️. 


7 thoughts on “Pure Laughter”

      1. Ooh ok. I wrote that it’s a great letter! I love how strong you are and how determined you are to overcome Anxiety. Also like that you added a quote to your bio. It encourages me to also add one of my fave quotes.

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      2. Thanks! It’s funny because the quote is actually part of my email so when Jade saw it, she wasn’t sure if it was part of my email or bio. I told her she could use it for the bio! 🙂 I’m happy it was able to inspire you.

        Thanks for saying I’m strong. I know I am, but sometimes I don’t feel like it.


      3. Oh cool, it’s part of your signature :). Really enjoyed it.
        You’re welcome. I’m the same way. I’m incredibly strong snd have overcome so much but when the anxiety kicks in, it’s difficult to feel strong. Our minds definitely play tricks on us.

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