Birthday Success!

Hey guys!

Yesterday I had such a great day! It started with my son waking me up at 7am, excitedly wishing me a happy birthday! Then telling me that he was going to go get dressed for ice skating. Mind you, we weren’t leaving until 2pm! haha. I told him to hold off on getting dressed because it was too early. I gave him breakfast, then laid down for a bit. At 9am, my son and husband walked into the room to give me my presents! My son gave me a beautiful necklace and the Adele CD, along with an adorable card :). My husband wrote me a beautiful letter, where he called me a warrior, strong and told me that I inspire him every day. Needless to say it made me cry! After that, I opened up his gift was was surprised to see a Macbook Pro! I couldn’t stop smiling! I was so excited! lol. I then went on to open up the birthday cards I had from my mother, grandma and mother in law. Made some extra cash that morning!

After opening gifts, I made breakfast and listened to the Adele CD. How could I not!? I love her! We ate, chatted and I was just feeling happy and in love. Afterwards, I blogged for a bit, replied to birthday messages on Facebook and texts and picked up phones calls. It was great.

At 2pm we finally went ice skating! My son was beyond excited, being that it was his first time ever going (he is 4). Mike & I haven’t been ice skating in YEARS. I’m not sure how excited he was! lol But I couldn’t wait to get back on the ice. We got there, put on our skates and got onto the ice. My son was nervous and I told him it would be fun and if he did fall down, it’s ok. It tends to be pretty fun anyway even if you fall! Just get right back up and try again. So we skated around for maybe 45 minutes. He did SO well! He held on to the wall while Mike and I held his hands. Then we wouldย take turns skating with him, so we can skate around alone for a bit. It really was a lot of fun. I felt like a kid again!

After skating, we met up with my mom and grandmother, who came to see me. We headed to a Spanish Bistro with them to eat. The food was delicious and we took some nice pictures together. Afterwards, we came home, took my ice creak cake out of the freezer and watched some Family Feud. Before they sang Happy Birthday with me, I went downstairs to get my sister, niece and nephew. They sang, we ate and ended the night on a good note.

It was such a fun and chill birthday. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’m blessed to have good and loving family and friends, who showed me so much love yesterday. I can’t wait to see what 33 has to offer me!



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  1. I’m so happy that you had such a great birthday! That necklace is beautiful! That’s so nice that your husband wrote a letter for you, it sounds beautiful. I like Family Feud too (though I don’t want it a lot). It reminds me of when my Grandma used to watch game shows all the time.


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