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33 Facts for 33rd Birthday!

Being that today is my 33rd birthday, i’ve decided to jot down 33 facts about myself that maybe you guys didn’t know :).

  1. My mother named me Jennie after her favorite character on All of my Children :).
  2. I was given the middle name Lee because my dad wanted to name me Lillian, after my mom, but she didn’t lol. So they settled on shortening it to Lee (At least that’s my understanding of it! :P)
  3. I am the oldest of 7 siblings!
  4. I have 12 nieces and nephews!
  5. I met my husband at the tender age of 15! I did not like him at all, until we were 16 and in Global class together <3.
  6. I am petrified of insects and bottom feeders because of all the the legs they have! Ugh I shiver just thinking of it!
  7. I have been to Hawaii and Alaska! Both are incredibly beautiful!
  8. I played with barbie dolls well into being 12 years old lol. Leave me alone, I was young and innocent! :p
  9. I’ve been parasailing! Being about 200ft up in the air was very eery but really quiet and relaxing. I was terrified but I did it, along with my husband so I can have a new adventure!
  10. I really love the Holi Hali Indian festival of colors! I’ve been to the festival twice. It’s such a blast! Everyone bringing in Spring, with family, friends and strangers and just throwing color all over everyone with smiles and laughter :).
  11. My father is 6’4, mom is 4’9 and i’m 4’10 lol. Huge difference, I know!
  12. My favorite movies are: Grease, Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Footloose, Teen Witch and Pretty in Pink!
  13. My favorite bands are: Linking Park, 30 seconds to mars, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and 3 Doors Down.
  14. Some of my favorite books are: Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, The Scarlet Letter, Granny Dan, White Oleander, Memoirs of a Geisha…There are so many more but I’ll leave the list short.
  15. I love Italian food. Bring on the chicken parm!
  16. My favorite colors are blue and green.
  17. I really love elderly people. Even the cranky ones! lol They have lived so much and it’s great to hear their life stories.
  18. I enjoy volunteering at the homeless shelter by me, preparing and serving dinner. Nothing better than giving back to the community.
  19. I was baptized 13 years ago. I don’t know where I would be without being in church :).
  20. I have my associates degree in Human Services.
  21. I start school in January for my B.A. in Social Work :).
  22. I’ve had one puppy in my life and I only had her for 2 weeks, because she kept peeing all over my step dad’s records.
  23. In another life, I would be a dancer! I wish I wasn’t so scared years back when mom asked if I wanted to take Ballet classes.
  24. When I was young, I use to play ‘steal the bacon’ a lot with the kids from the block! Such a fun game!
  25. I started suffering from social anxiety when I was young. Huge family functions would make me walk out the apt. in tears! Would take a while for me to calm down.
  26. I’ve dyed my hair black, red, auburn & mahogany. I refuse to try blond, because I think I would look really pale!
  27. When my son was really young, I would take him to the park and the other mother’s would assume I was his nanny or little sister, because of how young I look!
  28. I really want to try snowboarding! I hope I can do that next winter!
  29. My dream vacation would be a trip to Ireland!
  30. According to some family, it turns out we are Puerto Rican with some Irish bloodlines. I need to look into this further!
  31. I really dislike my nose! It’s been fractured a few times and i have a bumped. I want it fixed but my family tells me to LEAVE IT ALONE! especially dad, because our noses look very similar! lol
  32. I want at least 1 more child.
  33. I honestly feel very blessed and happy with where I am in my life at the moment.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning a little more about me! Leave a comment below with some facts about yourselves! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “33 Facts for 33rd Birthday!”

  1. I love these facts! I love Grease too, my dad hates when I make him watch it with me! It’s funny you mention the doll thing, I think I started liking them later on in life (not now though, lol!) I LOVE Italian food too! My favorite is eggplant! πŸ™‚ Let’s see, now for some fun facts about me:

    1.) My favorite color is also blue!
    2.) My favorite book is Back to the Future, favorite singer is Jewel, and favorite band is probably Train at the moment. I used to love Maroon 5, but they went downhill.
    3.) I’ve seen Jewel, Rick Springfield, Disco music, and Maroon 5 in concert! I was dumb though and spent way too much time taking pictures at the Maroon 5 one. I was so happy that I could take pictures!
    4.) My mom’s really good at drawing, my dad at writing, my brother on computers, and I hope I’m good at writing
    5..) I’ve had two rabbits, two hamsters, and several fish in my lifetime.
    6.) I want a dog but I’ve never had one
    7.) I’ve gone to both private and public schools

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  2. Everything you wrote is so beautiful,even had me laughing at some of the funny things you wrote,so proud of u daughter,always remember you mean the world to me.Love Mom.


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