Just Say Hi!

I tend to get nervous to say hello to people I don’t know, but when someone just stares at me without smiling or saying anything, I can’t help but say hello. This lady just stared at me non stop by my son’s school. I think that’s rude. But instead of getting upset, I smiled and said “hello!” She gave me a shy smile and said hi. 

Sometimes people are just as nervous to say hello and smile. Them staring may be their defense mechanism. Not sure but it’s so much easier to be kind then mean. 

So next time someone is staring at you, maybe they are too timid to speak to you. Maybe it’s their way of asking you to start the conversation. Doesn’t hurt to try!



7 thoughts on “Just Say Hi!

    1. I tend to do the same thing! lol I show no teeth then I wonder if I look friendly or sarcastic! Smh I always feel awkward but sometimes I’m able to be the one saying hello first 😄.

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  1. Hey Jen! I hate when people stare too! I’m not a paranoid person, but when someone stares at me I begin to feel that way! I’m also not great at just walking up to someone and saying hi. My aunt used to tell me how I had to learn to do that but I always felt so awkward!

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  2. It can be very awkward. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say but I’ve noticed a simple hi or hello is just enough to get by. Sometimes the other person is more nervous than we are!


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