I Am

This poem was created by Jen, at  Motivation for Today’s Reality. She’s asked us to change the poem to suit ourselves. We are to leave the Bold words the same and just add on to it. So here is my version! Please feel free to change the poem to make it personal to yourself and go check out Jen’s version on her blog site :).

I AM Jennie Lee and I suffer from Anxiety.

I wonder if I will ever overcome my anxiety or at least deal with it better.

I hear my inner voice telling me to just breathe.

I see a very wicked world and it makes me sad.

I want there to be no more homelessness or people going hungry.

I AM a fighter!

I pretend that I am not nervous, when in reality I am.

I feel proud of everything I have overcome in my life.

I think that I am a person who can really make a difference in someone’s life.

I worry at times that I won’t be as great a social worker in the future, as I hope to be.

I cry when my son is sad.

I AM a warrior. At least that is what my husband calls me :).

I understand that this world is wicked and difficult, but with faith in God, my family & I will be fine.

I say sorry WAY too much. I’m working on that!

I dream that I can make a difference in this world and my son will forever be proud of me.

I try not to overthink or think ahead. I’m learning to stay focused on the RIGHT NOW.

I hope that my blog will continue to encourage people to speak about their mental health issues/illnesses and embrace who they are.

I AM Jennie Lee and I am continuing to learn and grow with each passing day.



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