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Change Ahead…

Hey guys!

My morning has been pretty productive and I’m feeling good! After dropping my son off at school this morning, I sped walked to the gym, about 15 minutes away. I took a kickbox cardio class that kicked my butt! As I was doing all the movements I kept telling myself “don’t puke! Don’t puke! You can do this!” And yes I did it. I’ve done these classes in the past but it’s been about 2 months. I miss weightlifting and taking classes! So I am going to put more effort into heading to the gym in the mornings. Even if I’m anxious about it, I will continue to push myself. I really miss being at the weight I was at. Being toned and muscular. I want that feeling again. I felt healthier and stronger and overall happier. 

After the gym, I walked another 15-20 minutes home. I drank a protein shake and got ready for my therapy appointment. I’m actually in the waiting room right now, waiting for my session to begin. I’m feeling good though. Since last week, I have applied for a school loan, which I was approved for. I made plans with 2 of my HS friends for tonight, to celebrate my bday early. I’ve gone to the gym twice this week and I’ve been blogging more. I’m definitely improving and I’m happy about that. As long as I keep myself busy, my mind becomes preoccupied and I start to feel less anxious. Sure I still get that twinge of anxiety that I feel in my heart, but it’s not as bad this week. So here is to more hard work and improvements!

Have a great day everyone! ☺️


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