The 5 Lies Ruining Your Mental Health

I read an article from Psychology Today called The 5 Lies Ruining Your Mental Health. A couple of these misconceptions hit a nerve with me.

Lie number two states that many people who suffer from a mental illness are weak. That couldn’t be further from the truth. People who suffer from mental illness are NOT weak. We can be such a strong and resilient bunch!  I suffer from Anxiety and it’s because of this that I push myself to be better. If something scares me, I make it a point to go after it. It might take me a bit longer to work up the nerve, but I get it done. 

When I prove to myself that I can take on any challenge or obstacle, it is empowering. Who knows how much I would have accomplished without my anxiety. It really has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Although it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, at the end of the day, I’m proud of myself because I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me.

Lie Number four also called out to me. It states that mentally ill people are violent. In the media when there is a shooting or a case of domestic violence, mental illness is always brought up as the main reason for the tragedy that has taken place. I can see how this can make people think all mentally ill people are dangerous. But this is a huge lie. 

Although I may become very frustrated or irritable when I’m anxious, I never resort to violence. I’m a very calm person. Always have been. So please don’t be fearful of someone because their brain may be wired differently. There could be someone who isn’t ever anxious or depressed who would end up punching someone in the face to prove how tough they are. There could be an over confident man/woman you cross paths with who can be quick to spew verbal abuse at someone. Violence depends on a person, despite being mentally ill or mentally healthy. 

We are all different for many reasons. So please do not judge a mentally ill person without knowing us fully. So many of us have the biggest hearts and just want to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Please read on in the article below and let me know which misconception bothers you the most and why? 

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  1. Thanks for writing this post Jen, it’s great! I have to say that the one that bothers me the most is the one that makes it like those who struggle are weak. I think it’s a huge misconception that sadly, even we start to believe (even though it’s not true). I also kind of hate the term “mentally ill” because I think some things are more “issues” than “illnesses”. I feel like the word “illness” implies not being able to get through it or that something’s WRONG with us, which isn’t true.

    I admit that I skimmed the article, but I didn’t see some things mentioned that really bother me, so I thought I’d add them here. I hate the misconception that those who struggle with mental health issues do it for attention or “fake it”. Most of us don’t fake it or do it for attention. Also, some people are under the impression that mental health issues have to do with one’s maturity level, something else that I hate hearing because of how untrue it is.

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    1. Thank you for your response! I don’t really like the term mental illness either, but I wrote it anyway because I don’t want to show fear of the term. I refuse to let people think of me as weak, because I may say I have a mental illness or know someone who has one. The word stings a bit personally.
      I agree with you on people thinking we “fake” it or do it for attention. MAYBE some people do it for attention but I’m sure it’s a small # of people. I would not want to fake this and receive negative attention or pity from anyone.
      Thanks again for responding ☺️.

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      1. Exactly! My mom has said things like I need to “grow up” and stuff. My anxiety has nothing to do with lack of maturity or wanting attention! It’s a shame that people say mean things just because they don’t understand.


      2. I know it’s so rude! When I had my son, almost 5 years ago, I was feeling really down. I told my Dr. Because I was worried that I had post partum depression. Turns out I had post partum blues and luckily it only last 2 weeks. When I confessed this to one of my aunts she said “oh give me a break! Raising a child is so easy” 😑. That was such a slap in the face. There are just some people who will never understand.

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  2. The violence myth has been the most annoying for me. I experience Borderline Personality Disorder and it is commonly associated with violence. Sometimes people with BPD do resort to violence (and I am guilty of this) because of an inability to regulate emotions, poor impulse control and inadequate interpersonal skills. On the other hand, some people are just horrible people and violence is something they do. It should be about the person and not the disorder they experience. None of us are the same. Just because one person with a certain mental health issue did something, does not mean every single person with a similar experience will do that thing also.


    1. It really is a horrible misconception. Like you said, violence depends on the person themselves, whether they suffer from mental health issues or not. Thank you so much for your response.

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