If only it were this easy…

 I love these comics lol. They show how incredibly insensitive people can be towards someone suffering from a mental illness. So many times I’ve had people tell me :

“Oh stop, it’s not that serious”.

” Relax, just stop thinking about it…”

“I don’t understand why that would make you anxious”.

“Seriously? That makes you anxious?”

People don’t understand how frustrating it is to suffer with anxiety or panic disorder. They don’t realize that our emotions are doubled, sometimes tripled. If a person feels a bit nervous, someone with anxiety would feel complete dismay. Our disorders are many times difficult to comprehend, but we try our best to push our feelings aside so we can go about life as normally as possible. 

So next time someone is “freaking out” or having anxiety or s certain situation, try to be more understanding. Ask questions. “Why are you feeling this way?” “Do you understand why it’s making you feel this way?” “Is there anything I can do to help ease your mind?” Knowing someone is there to help while going through so many emotions, can be extremely beneficial. It’s great to know we have a support system to rely on ☺️.


7 thoughts on “If only it were this easy…

  1. I love this post Jen! I wish I could just tell myself to calm down and it would work, but as you said, it’s not always that easy. I also hate when people say how they don’t understand how something would make me anxious. Half the time I don’t understand either, but that doesn’t change the fact that it sometimes does! Thanks for writing this post. It helps people realize that they’re not alone.

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    1. Yes! It’s so frustrating when people down play our anxiety. I too, don’t always understand why I’m anxious, so having someone disregard me is so frustrating. I’m glad this post resonated with you ☺️.

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      1. Yeah, I hate when people say “Why do you get so anxious” or “Doing this or that is so simple”. It just makes me feel worse because I know it should be simple and at one point, it was for me, but anxiety has a way of making things seem harder.


      2. Incredibly harder! People are just insensitive. It’s difficult for me to ignore it though. I take things personal and that’s something I’m working on. I’m trying to just ignore the insensitivity& negativity and just keep telling myself I will get through this, whether people understand me or not. It’s a tough feat!

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      3. I agree. I think it’s hard at times not to take it personally because WE’RE the ones struggling and the mean and negative comments are being said to US. Sometimes we just have to realize that some people can’t accept not understanding things so they tend to lash out.


      4. Definitely. Most of the time it’s an issue the other person has, so it is good to just ignore the nonsense and find people who lift us up instead of being us down.

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