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The Reality of a Law & Order “Quote”

I’m sitting here watching Law & Order: SVU and one of the therapists said this to Detective Stabler:

“It takes a lot more balls to talk about your problems, then to beat the hell out of a ghost”.

I had to jot it down, because man, how true is this?

I went so many years without speaking about my anxiety. I never spoke about the abuse at home. About how depressed I was. I went through life afraid, anxious, feeling like nothing special. I would slap on a smile and act fine, while inside I still felt the pain from my past. I still felt anger and confusion. I felt sadness. 

It wasn’t until I finally sought out therapy where I was able to speak about everything. It was such a weight lifted off my shoulders. So many issues in life that I carried with me, was finally being released. I would sit in therapy and cry with confusion, I would shout in anger. I would smile at the good times and for knowing that I would get better.

I just recently started a new therapy session and I am happy because I refuse to go back and “beat the hell out of a ghost”. I don’t want the ghosts of my past to interfere in my current life anymore. I refuse to let my past issues drag me down. I know it will take many years to come until I can fully feel confident in myself, but I will do it. For myself and for my son & husband.

So if you’re feeling lost, afraid, anxious or depressed, speak up. You’re not alone. Speaking up about what is bothering you is proof that you are stronger then you think. Never think any less of yourself ☺️.

Now…back to my show. Bye 👋🏽


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