A Poem: We Have Survived

We Have Survived

The Anxiety Chronicles

We Have Survived
 With the passing of each day,
We grow a little bit stronger.
With night upon us,
We learn that we’ve held on a bit longer.
Heads on our pillow,
We look back on our day,
Deciphering everything people did and had to say.
Could We have spoken up?
Could We have been better?
Did we look or sound stupid?
These are questions that are bestowed upon the fretter’s.
But as night turns to day, there’s no reason to worry,
For God has blessed us with another morning, so unto him be all the glory.
With him by our side,
He helps keep peace in our hearts and calm in our minds.
When he allows us to see how life gets rough,
It’s because he’s preparing us to be tough.
As we grow tougher and stronger,
We become happier and worthier of his love,
as well as the…

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