Friday Fun Day!

Hi Guys!

Today was a pretty good day! After attending a meeting at my son’s school, I took him to a small fair, by my dad’s job. He wasn’t sure how much fun he would have, because of how small it was, but he ended up having a blast! I bought a couple of tickets and off we went. He went on a pony ride AND on a camel ride! He went into the bouncy house twice and we fed a bunch of zoo animals! Feeding the zoo animals was pretty gross.They left our hands covered in saliva, but hearing my son’s giggles, made my day. It make’s me happy when he is happy :).

To think I was feeling nervous about today! I told my husband last night how I felt a little nervous, going to a fair by myself with my son. It’s not some place I’ve taken him alone before. He was surprised that I felt that way, but I assured him that even though I felt anxious, I would go for my son and get through it. That’s exactly what happened. We both had such a great time together and the nervousness was no where to be found!

Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. No questions asked. No hesitations. Just do it. It doesn’t work for everything, but certain things it does, and today was a time it helped!

I hope everyone’s Friday is going well!

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