Project Office: Practically done

So, you guys know that I started redoing my spare room, to turn it into an office that both my husband & I can use. Last time I posted about it, I had just painted the entire room green and I wasn’t happy with how dark it looked. I took some people’s suggestion and decided to paint a stripe of white around the room, to lighten it up. It isn’t a huge stripe, but I love it so much more! My husband put together book cases, one for the office and one for our bedroom. I put together a storage cabinet and we put up shelves, to display pictures, diplomas and degrees. The room looks so much more put together, so I’m happy. All we need is some more storage and we have 3 frames we need to put up on the walls. Here are some pictures of the room now :).

767 766 764 762

4 thoughts on “Project Office: Practically done”

  1. I love it. The stripe, however small you think it may be, gives it a great touch. I really like the wall displays. Awesome job well done.

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