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I was at therapy last week, speaking about how I don’t have a place to really call my own, at home. I don’t have a comfortable place where I can go and write, without any distractions. My husband decided that we will convert our spare room, that had one desk, into an office for the both of us. He said we can get 2 desks in there and I’ll have a place for myself to write. I really liked he idea! We started going to stores, looking at desks and book cases but never actually bought anything. Some times passed by and still nothing. I told my therapist it was frustrating to wait. My husband had said he would make this his project and get it done. But nothing yet. He is a very hard worker and I know he gets home tired and a lot of times late. So my therapist suggested I take on the project! He said it would do me a lot of good, being that I tend to feel like I don’t have anything outside of “mommy-hood” and “wife-duties”, to do. It did make a lot of sense. I did not think to take on the project as my own, because I was excited for the “grand-gesture” of my husband making me an office and to be honest, I’m exhausted of thinking! lol having something done for me where I did not have to make any decisions would have been great! But it did not work out that way. So I agreed and decided to take on the home office project myself. . Let me tell you, it has been pretty good! I have not been obsessively thinking of other people or situations. I have not been making up scenarios in my head or feeling extremely anxious. I’ve been focused on this project :).

To get things started, my husband and I went to Ikea, for a 3rd time, where I told him we are not leaving without purchasing desks! We ended up choosing some nice, dark brown tables. I also chose a nice chair, that I need to order soon. The next day, I went to Home Depot and ordered some green paint that my husband and I agreed to. Now that it’s on the wall though, I feel it’s too dark šŸ˜¬. At the moment, I’m not liking it, but I’ll make it work. I have taken pictures of different frames and paintings I would like to buy for the walls. I also bookmarked a few bookcases I would like to order for the room.

yesterday I spend the entire day painting the office, along with my 4 year old son, who helped me šŸ˜Š. I was exhausted, but I got it done! When my husband got home from work, we ate and then he started putting our desks together. I’m so glad it’s coming together! Had I not taken on this project, I would still be waiting for a place to call my own, and obsessively thinking of nonsense! All I have left to do is order my chair and bookcases and buy frames and decorate!

Here are some photos of the room. Remember, it isn’t done yet :).

image image image image


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  1. I see what you mean about the green. It is a pretty color, but in this case, in fewer quantities . Why not use it as an accent on 1 wall instead. Hope everything turns out well.


  2. I should have just done an accent wall but I painted the entire room. Now I refuse to repaint anything lol. I’ll lighten it with frames :).


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