Today is World Poetry Day, so I’ve decided to share some poems I’ve written in the past few years. Happy Writing!!! 🙂



Head on my pillow,

I lay here trying to sleep,

but like every other night,

I fall victim to defeat.

My mind is racing, running its course,

My body begging for rest but my thoughts showing no remorse.

I lay here helpless, my mind ablaze,

praying to God that this is just a faze.

But As time ticks on, my mind relinquishes from defeat,

Because without any warning, I am fast asleep…

Light at the End of the Tunnel


The discomfort and unhappiness you go through is something unimaginable,

The life you want for yourself, sometimes feels unattainable.

Questioning yourself and the things you stand for,

Hoping and wishing for a little bit more,

Out of life.

But the more you work towards your dreams,

The freer you feel and the happier you become.

All of the negativity surrounding you starts to become undone.

You start to see a light at the end of the tunnel and things no longer feel unattainable.

You feel better about yourself,

Happier and healthier!

This is your life and you’ve taken control

And soon enough you’ll feel inner peace that reaches deep down into your soul.

Through Your Eyes


To look at myself through your eyes, would be to see myself in a whole new light.

To see what you see when you look at me from across a room,

Or to feel my eyes, piercing through yours, in need.

To see the sexiness & the silliness you say you love so much in me,

Or to feel the desire that runs deep within you, when you undress me and put your hands all over me.

To feel the truth in your heart when you say you love me,

And feel the ache in your heart when you think of losing me.

To look at myself through your eyes, would be to see myself in a whole new light,

And help me to realize just how lucky, loved and deserving of it all, I really am.


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