Lack of Sleep & Strange Dreams

I haven’t been feeling too great but I still managed to climb into bed later then I wanted last night. I was in bed after midnight. Feeling exhausted and bleh, I tried to sleep but I just kept tossing and turning. Finally I fell asleep, only to wake up at 2am to use the bathroom. I stumbled my way back into bed, and slept for about 6 hours. During those 6 hours however, I had some bizarre dreams. 

Here’s what I dreamt: I was on vacation with my family when I lost my sister, who turned out to be Tiffany-Amber Theissan, an actress. I was hysterical trying to find her, along with a friend of mine. We ended up at some resort that then turned into a dungeon and then a train station! I finally found her, walking out of one of the train tunnels. Her hair was a mess & her clothes were disheveled, but she had a strange content smile on her face. I then text mom to let her know my “sister” was found safe, when all of a sudden I was standing in the tattoo shop of Ami James! Talk about strange, huh?!

Finally I woke up around 8, but my heart was pounding and beating really fast. I don’t know if the dreams made me anxious or if the interupted sleep did. Then I started sneezing and had to once again get up to get tissue. I felt stuffy nosed and kind of tired but here I am, blogging. I can’t seem to fall back to sleep. Next to me, hubby is sleeping soundly and my son is also still asleep. All well…guess I’ll just relax my body, until its time to get up. Hope you guys slept better!


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