ADHD Not a Real Disease?

I was reading an article on Facebook called ADHD Not a Real Disease, Says Leading Neuroscientist. In the article, Dr. Bruce D. Perry explains why he believes ADHD is not a real disease and I have to say, I agree with his points! 

I believe that too many parents,  teachers & doctors are jumping to the conclusion that a child suffers from ADD/ADHD too quickly. Medication should not be given to children to alter their minds! These meds are given to children as early as 4 years old! If the child is hyper or doesn’t concentrate well, in my eyes, they don’t have a problem. They are just children. Try giving them routine. Change their diet: maybe they eat too many sugary foods. Be patient with them. Dont just drug them up and expect everything to be ok. As a kid, I never heard of ADD/ADHD. We were free to be ourselves and express ourselves, whether it be academically or as “dreamers”. People shouldn’t be so quick to give their kids these meds. I think it’s horrible for them. 

Below is a link to the article. Please share your thoughts.


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