6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Depression

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I was on Facebook, when I came across an article on things you shouldn’t say to someone dealing with depression. Please take time to read the link below. It can help you understand a little better how to be compassionate and caring towards someone who is depressed or anxious.



14 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Depression

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    1. That’s a sad truth. When I’ve felt depressed or really anxious, I had a family member tell me “oh please! Get over it!” Or people tell me “just stop worrying!” It’s very difficult for some people to be empathetic. I just hope they can go through this list and try their best to be understanding to someone’s feelings.

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      1. People can be so cruel. What’s worse is they actually think they are helping. Some think tough love is what we need, when in reality, that makes a lot of people with depression & anxiety, withdrawal more.


      2. I’ve learned to cut myself off from most people emotionally. Pretty much everyone, actually. It’s not easy for me, being an introvert, to open myself to anyone and to then have to put up with condescension and silly homilies and just plain indifference is more than I’ve decided I can handle. It’s a lonely struggle, but that’s how it is.


      3. I’m sorry that people’s ignorance has made you feel like u have to keep to yourself. It really can be a lonely struggle, which is unfair! Please know you’re not alone. There is a huge community here of people who understand and go through the same things. If u need to chat I am here 😊. I have learned over the years that I have to tell people “NO! You are wrong and that is rude!” They don’t like it and feel like I’m being overly sensitive, but I don’t care. I have a right to speak up for myself and people like me. We have to stick together and support one another.

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      4. I never learned to fight for myself, just depend on myself. Too late to understand that fault though. Thanks for understanding and offering to help, it helps to just hear those words, you know..


      5. I think it’s worth a shot. I had to start seeing a new therapist Bc my other one stopped taking insurance. I was so down about it and so anxious but she encouraged me to see someone new so I can get a different perspective. So I’m trying. I still get nervous going to see the new one but I’ll give it a shot. Doesn’t hurt to try :).

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