Mental Health

Vicious Cold Cycle

After a week of me being sick, I’m finally feeling much better. My fever is gone, my body aches are gone and my congestion is minimal. But now, my poor son is sick. He has caught my cold 😔. He has been coughing, congested and his fever was at 103.0F, an hour ago. I hate this cycle. When one of us gets sick, the rest are sure to follow.

Seeing my boy sick is heart breaking and frustrating. His eyes get watery and droopy, his smile seems weak, he lays down longer then he plays and his cough absolutely gets to my core. I hate when he coughs. It sounds so exhausting for his little body. I wish I could just take it away for him. Unfortunately I can’t. I have to let his medicine kick in.

Right now, he’s in bed with a cold rag on his head, Vicks on his chest and throat, and he had his chewable tylenol. I’ve been giving him plenty of cold water to drink as well. His fever has come down a bit, but needless to say, I won’t be sleeping until its out of the hundreds; I won’t have peace of mind until his cough and fever subside.

Tis the life of a parent.

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