Thank you brittle nails!

Today I was looking at my nails, and realized that I have not given my self a manicure in MONTHS! Now you may be thinking, OK so then do your nails. But realizing this made me so happy. See, I only use to give myself manicures when I was feeling really anxious or sad. The fact that it’s been months, is confirmation that I have been doing so much better! My therapist really did give me the tools I need to learn how to deal with my anxiety; with my emotions. Now i’m not saying that I always deal well, I still get anxious from time to time, but it has not been so bad. I love the fact that I am at a better place. I let myself feel things and I ask myself “is this worth the heartache? Are you being overly sensitive? This isn’t such a big deal, move on”. Knowing when I’m feeling a certain way and WHY I feel that way, is a tremendous accomplishment. Being able to answer certain questions and move on is another accomplishment. So thank you plain, brittle nails! You’ve allowed me to see just how far I’ve come!  Another good outcome of this? Now I get to paint my nails and give myself a manicure because I want my nails to look NICE, not because I’m feeling anxious or sad :). Yay!



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