Short Term Goals


I made my short term “Goal List” today. I guess you can call it a to-do list, but seeing it as a short term goal, makes it feel more important to me. It let’s me know it’s something I really need to get done. So here they are:

– Make an appt. with the new psychologist I was referred to.

– Research colleges for BA Degree.

– See what jobs are out there in the homeless sector.

– Fill out the job application I have for an Assisted Living home.

– Speak to my friend to find out whether or not she can really babysit my son if I were to start working.

-Go get my tattoo touched up so I can stop feeling so anxious about how crummy it looks.

– Make a date with an old friend.

Out of the, list I have already researched colleges, looked up jobs, got my tattoo touched up, left a message for the new psychologist and i’m in the process of making a date with one of my girlfriends :). I feel so much more motivated today because I got this stuff done. Slowly but surely, I will get to a place where I am happy with my every day life and motivated! Setting short term goals or making a to-do list is really helpful!


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