Uplifting Spices

I was reading my Women’s Health magazine, when I came a cross a short column called “Spice Up Your Mood”. I found it pretty interesting. It states that depression may be controlled by curcumin, a compound found in the spice Tumeric. In a 6 week Phytotherapy research study, it was found that participants who drank the Curcumin Suppliments experienced a mood lift that was similar to the participants who drank antidepressants. In this study, it appeared that the curcumin blocked the activity of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that interferes with levels of feel-good neurotransmitters.

I found this incredibly fascinating, especially because I was on the antidepressant Zoloft for 4 months, for my anxiety and I really hated it! The effects it had on my mind and body were terrible. So the fact that there are studies being done to use healthy suppliments instead, really call out to me. I went online and read about another study that was done using curcumin In order to help with depression:

Dr Adrian Lopresti from the School of Psychology and Exercise Science studied the effects of curcumin in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study. They used 56 volunteers who suffered with major depression disorder. Half were treated with a patented curcumin extract (500mg twice daily) and the other half took a placebo for eight weeks. It was found that from weeks 4-8 the curcumin improved several of the mood-related symptoms.

Although studies have been done, and it has been shown that the compound, curcumin has helped with depression symptoms, it is still not recommended to be used as a first like of treatment. I say, ask your doctors about this, if you are against medications. A doctor cannot force you to use something you don’t want. So if the thought of a supplement makes you feel more at ease, don’t be afraid to bring it up. Do your own research, and come to your own conclusion about antidepressants and supplements. Working together with your doctor can really help you come up with a plan that makes you happy.

(Credit: Women’s Health magazine & medicalxpress.com)




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