Thank you, my love

My son is one of the biggest reasons that I decided to get help for my anxiety. I never wanted him to be afraid to speak up, or go places, for fear of being judged. I wanted him to look at me and see strength, confidence and love. I knew that if i continued on the way I was, it would effect him in a negative way. There was no way I could let that happen. I didn’t want my fear of new things to keep me away from parks and play groups. I didn’t want my anxiety to make me upset and cranky, which would get in the way of my happiness in raising him, along with my husband. I feel that without my son, I would still be stuck inside my head; feeling paranoid and afraid. Thank you my love, for letting mommy see that she was stronger then she knew. Thank you for loving me unconditionally . I don’t know where I’d be without you.




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